About us

Victoria Chloe Quarmby Hawkins and Alexandra Quarmby’s love of clothing and fashion began in their early childhood. Following in the footsteps of their mother and grandmother, Alexandra studied a BA Fashion Design at Fedisa in Cape Town. Victoria pursued a career in education and after a few years of corporate experience and some travel, the two sisters decided to start Ellipsis.

Ellipsis is a multi-facetted business. One arm of the business supplies branded apparel to businesses, gyms, yoga studios, schools and sports clubs. The other arm of the business is their leisure collections. The Leisurewear collections is where these sisters express their creativity and each of their different styles. Alexandra being more on-trend and edgy and Victoria leans towards a more simple and classic look.

The sisters behind Ellipsis are passionate about their South African roots and supporting local business and industry. Their custom branded apparel aims to help other local businesses to build their brand. Each of the leisure collections hints at parts of each of their personalities. There is love behind all that they do.

Alexandra Quarmby

Co-Founder & Owner

Vikki Quarmby Hawkins

Co-Founder & Owner
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