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Ellipsis Fashion...

In one sentence, we like to think of Ellipsis as being “comfortably edgy”. We believe that high-fashion can be inaccessible, so being wearable is key for us. Ellipsis clothing is fashionable and on-trend,  without being straight off the cat-walk. 

 We love the idea that you can reinvent yourself with each new outfit. The Ellipsis range consists of mostly basics. Simple, classic pieces that can be worn alone day to day, or can be paired with more cutting-edge numbers when you want to spice up your look.

What sets us apart?







Fabrics! We love discovering new, unique, interesting fabrics! We like to think that Ellipsis clothing can be worn in many different ways and carry many different styles, depending on how it’s worn. There is no one right way to wear an item of clothing and we love to see how people mix and match our stuff to find the perfect look for them.

Aside from what differentiates our actual clothing, we love what we do. Have we mentioned that yet? ☺ We love being involved in the less glamorous side of the clothing industry too, running around from fabric stores to trim shops, and seeing a few meters of fabric turn into a garment that we adore.Ultimately our clothing is personal and relevant. Each item we make is inspired by clothing we want to wear.

We are both South African, born and bred, and we absolutely adore this beautiful country we live in. We feel strongly about supporting the local industry, and as such have partnered up with skilled, South African seamstresses, who make all of our fashion clothes locally.

 Ellipsis Kit...

We are excited to offer a change from the standard kit that clubs, schools and businesses have had for so many years. We aim to provide a more comfortable and relevant style, while staying in line with company standards and traditions.

Step 1: You let us know that you are interested.
Step 2: We get an idea of what you are looking for and we design a customised storyboard for you to select the styles that suit your needs. 
Step 3: You pick and choose the styles that you like and we show you options of samples and fabrics that best suit your look.
Step 4:  Final approval and quantities discussed. 
Step 5: You place your order.
The choice is yours when it comes to sales channels, we offer our online store as a platform through which your customers can purchase their goods in order to make the process of selling your kit as convenient as possible.

Why “Ellipsis”?

An ellipsis indicates an absence of words. In a way, it suggests an incompleteness, but one that gives us a sense of continuation - a story still to be told. An ellipsis gives us a chance to imagine what could happen next, without it being dictated to us. By never being completed, or fully defined, it leaves the door open for us to discover on our own terms, and brings with it a sense of excitement and anticipation.

Like our clothing, an ellipsis encourages us, with a sense of wonder and discovery, to keep eagerly asking, “What comes next”?

“I love ellipsis, those three point intermittent, who insist to say that nothing is closed, nothing is over and that there is always something to come. Everything is always being built. Everything to be said. Being born…Sprouting… sublimating… I live like this, in an eternal ellipsis. Why to determine an end point? What would we do without the expectation of a continuation?” – Anonymous.

What is the inspiration behind Ellipsis clothing?

The 3 symbols in our logo come together to form an ellipsis. Each of the three dots or points represent the different elements that make of the core of Ellipsis, and what we hope is expressed through our clothing.

The first dot symbolizes good energy and beauty. When most of us spend the majority of our time working, we feel strongly about loving what we do at Ellipsis. Good energy and passion are at the root of all we do, and what we hope to bring to every working day. We believe not only in creating a beautiful final product that will make people look and feel wonderful, but also in appreciating the beauty in the process of creating each garment. We hope that this good energy and beauty carries through in everything we do and create.

The second dot symbolizes happiness. Being swept up in the process of creating and bringing our passion to life is not without its stresses, but we find happiness in the journey of what we do every day. There is something really magical about being involved in and seeing this process unfold. Our happiness begins when we start creating our designs, and then grows throughout the process until we get to see people wearing our clothes. Seeing people get joy from what we create is a feeling that will never get old!

The third dot in the ellipsis symbolizes family. We, the founders and owners of Ellipsis, are sisters, and our mother and grandmother were in the clothing industry. This legacy means a lot to us and we are constantly drawing on the precious knowledge that has been passed down to us.

The two of us are very different, but working together is a wonderful process. Having your greatest critic and your biggest fan next to you all day makes for some exciting ideas and discussions, especially when neither of us is scared to voice our opinion!